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Bergerault KM-PS43G

Bergerault KM-PS43G
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Модель: Bergerault KM-PS43G
Производитель: Bergerault
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KM-PS43G - Dynasty Performance 4.3 Octave Synthetic Marimba with Gridiron Frame

The Bergerault 4.3 octave synthetic marimba on Grid Iron field cart.A great sounding marimba that truly projects on the field or in the arena. The instrument produces a warm , rich tone that is placed on the toughest field frame on the market. The top ensembles around the country choose the Dynasty keyboards for the sound they desire. Specs include, Synthetic Keys, 4 1/3 Octave, , a2-c7, 52 notes, bar sizes are 1 9/16"~2 3/8"x11/16", tuned A=442, dimensions are 76" L x33 7/8" W, with height adjustments of 29 1/5"-37", with heavy-duty Grid Iron cart with 8" castors. Please note that this instrument no longer ships with gold resonators. pictures coming soon. The resonators are currently shipping with a black textured powder coat that will prolong the life and beauty of the instrument.

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